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What we do

A few years ago I started importing Wool Garment ©; especially shawls and blankets. Consumers and companies soon felt the need to provide the items with initials, text or logo. When creating, this was also true for me because it made each item unique and gave much more feeling and meaning. After purchasing the professional embroidery machine, the demand for more textiles and possibilities naturally arose. In the end everything became possible !!

The personal embroidery is done with a 15-head computer-controlled embroidery machine. This can really do anything. However, digitization is the foundation of a beautiful end result. This digitization is done by a professional, so I can concentrate on the ideas, advice and creations.

The joy of children.... the best thing there is! That is why I started with beautiful and special COOK APRONS for children. When purchasing from a consumer or company, I provide the apron with the name of the child.


My wish is ...

An educational cooking studio with children. Cooking delicious and healthy together ... and having fun!



"state in which one is without anxiety, fear or embarrassment"

"makes life easier or more enjoyable"


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Liempde, Netherlands

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