About me

" I feel comfortable in a life with simplicity, surrounded by real attention, comfort and authenticity. In this lifestyle I like to (de)care. To me this feels like something natural and deeply rooted in my DNA.

From this awareness I understand better and better why I feel comfortable in Spain, this always feels like coming home, no matter where I am and with whom. The feeling of embrace, intensive living and enjoyment, attention to others and the rich traditions make me intensely happy.

Spain is therefore a common thread in my company, PrinceWillem. The Wool Garments come from the south and are produced under our own label. My beloved sheep, the weaving process, coloring of the wool… everything authentic and environmentally friendly. I get inspiration in Spain by; daily life, horeca (catering), shops, fashion and traditions. I translate this in the Netherlands by adding comfort, hospitality, experience, personalization… and cooking.

Everything is in the Wool Garments and the Personalized Embrodairy! "


Birgitte Dito


 "The name PrinceWillem was invented at the kitchentable by son Willem. This was just before Willem Alexander became King in 2013 "

PrinceWillem Wool Garments

Contactpersoon: B. Dito

Mail: info@princewillem.com


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